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Why I love Osteopathy…am pursuing a career in Osteopathy…and what Osteopathy can do for you!

Osteopathy has fascinated me from the moment I had the privilege of experiencing first hand its benefits and healing properties.

My journey to wellness has not been a simple one. I have been presented with many challenges, some that have been debilitating. I am grateful for the knowledge and wisdom the osteopathic approach has offered me. It has given me the freedom to heal and move forward by removing the restrictions in my body in order for the vitality and function to return. This has been a tremendous support for my recovery.

Osteopathy was discovered by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, and has become an accepted and successful practice. It is an intelligent approach, offering gentle treatments that are effective in supporting the body’s natural healing process, for all ages.

This holistic, patient-centred approach allows the body to be treated with the utmost respect. It aims to assess and restore balance, reduce and resolve strains, stress and/or dysfunctions within and between all the systems of the body. These include the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, cranial, and visceral systems.

The goal during treatment is to remove restrictions that compromise the integrity of the body and restore balance between all systems and ultimately support the natural healing mechanism by promoting autoregulation. This approach recognizes the body as a self-regulating unit, in which structure and function are reciprocally interrelated, with the innate ability to heal itself.

Osteopathy has given me hope. This hope proves how a manual therapy has the ability to truly make a difference in people’s lives . It has further ignited my desire to learn and grow so I can pay it forward by translating my experience in a positive manner. My desire is to be able to help others who are on their own path to recovery and give them the hope they require in order to live a life free of pain and dysfunction.

Working with the body and nourishing the mind, body, and soul with a clear, concise and successful holistic approach is part of a bigger recipe. A recipe which cultivates strength, allowing one to take control of their own well being, and to recognize that their body absolutely has the control and the capacity to heal at all levels.

Osteopathy has the potential to treat both acute and chronic pain. In addition, it is a wonderful approach to ones ongoing overall care, health and wellbeing.

I am in grateful and in love with osteopathy, its principles and its philosophy. I look forward to a lifetime of healing myself, and maintaining the vitality and health of my body as I continue to receive ongoing treatments. And I especially look forward to becoming a successful practitioner who is able to provide treatments to those who trust that I can in turn assist them on their path to balance, health and wellness.

With gratitude, love and hope,

Rachele (Devoted Manual Osteopath in Training:)

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