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Yoga classes as described below are available in the studio during scheduled sessions...see schedule for more details. Private, Group, Parties & Special Events are also available, both in the studio or at your location. A Dance component can also be incorporated into any group request. School Groups are also welcome...teachers & educators can contact me to find out how to bring Yoga into your schools. Personal Training is a unique approach that incorporates much of the philosophy described below, to guide you in finding your balanced and healthy you. You are one step away to a place where you can find... Peace & Balance!


  Power Yoga

A specially designed class which I really like to call "Yoga Dance". This is a flowing class with connecting, dynamic, powerful yoga sequences, all choreographed to music. It will enhance your strength, flexibility and help coordinate your breath and keep you focused and mindful. It is a great cardiovascular class, which has great benefits to your mind, body and spirit. This has become a very popular yoga class with many of my students. Yoga experience is strongly recommended when considering this class. Take the challenge!


Classical Yoga

Originally called "Stretch", this class is designed to stretch, strengthen and lengthen the body. It incorporates some of the elements of Hatha Yoga, Pilates and Dance. The focus is on breath, balance, alignment, core strength and flexibility. You will learn to become more aware of your body, your mind and your spirit. This class is great for all levels.


Gentle Yoga & Gentle Restorative Chair Yoga

These classes are designed for the individual who is new to the world of Yoga, and would like a gentle introduction. More importantly, these classes help those individuals who may have specific health related concerns, injuries or challenges. All postures and sequences will be designed to meet each student's specific needs, with careful attention placed on providing variations to postures and sequences.

The Gentle Class will include postures at all levels on the mat, with modifications when needed.

The Gentle Restorative Chair Yoga will incorporate postures with the aid of a chair and modifications when needed. 

Yoga is for everyone and helps maintain a well balanced mind, body and spirit. Yoga allows each individual to meet the challenges of their daily life.

Call to book a private consultation or join an already small existing group. Let Yoga pour into you and discover a more peaceful and balanced life!!!


Water Movement Yoga & Dance For Children

The Children's Dance & Yoga program here at The Hummingbird Academy is unique in it's design. Dancers are welcomed in a fun, friendly and exciting environment where they are accepted for their individual talents and encouraged to work to their abilities. I have been inspired by a style of dance and that has influenced me to combine my yoga dance with a contemporary dance. I am calling it Water Movement. A class will begin with Yoga Dance to warm up and then move into the Water Movement. Children will learn all of the basic yoga postures, sequences and breath work of Hatha Yoga. Great attention to proper alignment will be emphasized. Posture, balance, strength and flexibility will be challenged. Children will begin to learn the benefits of meditation, and will learn to incorporate their new found knowledge in their everyday experiences. The classes will focus on the joys of yoga, will incorporate fun and exciting ways to learn and will encourage continued success in the world of yoga. The children will then move through 5 water movements to music that matches each movement. They will be encouraged to move through various tempos and rhythms, beginning with a slow, flowing movement and then building from there, working up to a more dynamic movement and then coming back down again, where they will end with a chocolate meditation. This will allow them to explore yoga & dance through movements & music in an environment where they will be guided to move how they feel as opposed to learning more structured dance movements. I believe this will allow their own creativity to shine and will teach them how to feel good about themselves, increasing confidence and self esteem. This program promises to provide young children with a rewarding experience!

Start your child early in life and give them the tools they need to nourish their mind, body and spirit for a lifetime. What a great gift for a child!


Parent & Child Yoga

This class is designed for Parent and Child to come together on the mat, giving you the opportunity and time to focus on each other. Together you will learn the basic postures, sequences and breath work of Hatha Yoga. You will have the opportunity to work independently through the postures, allowing the opportunity to learn respect and have compassion for your own bodies,  as well as learning partner work. Partner work will give you the opportunity to support each other in your relationship as well as model respect and compassion for one another. We will work on fun breathing and meditation techniques that will aim to provide the tools necessary to bring peace and balance to the mind, body and spirit in stressful times. This is a great opportunity to share some great moments with your child, and perhaps give them a healthy way to deal with life challenges, no matter what. Come together on the won't be disappointed! 


First Dance Choreography

So you're getting married! Congratulations! What better way to remember the special day? How about surprising your guests with a special first dance. Take your life partner by the hand, and dance around that dance floor with ease and grace. I will choreograph your first dance and tailor it to work to your level (even if you don't know left from right) ! My husband and I did this 24 years ago for our wedding, and we had a blast. Our guests are still talking about it! Go ahead...give them something to talk about!



Choreography has always been my favourite part about teaching dance. I love creating routines and telling a story. Music and dance area big part of my life, and they fill me with such an energy that allows me to feel alive. I can listen to any style of music and I instantly feel the urge to express the music through dance and movement. The opportunity to work with a big cast beyond my dance classes was with Shaer Productions and The King Street Players. The journey has been a wonderful experience and has allowed me to expand and grow in a world that I never thought possible. I am available to work with individuals or groups of any size that require choreography for any event or occasion.

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